Aleppo Umayyad Mosque Minbar

Geometric pattern from the Aleppo Umayyad Mosque Minbar

Watercolor and copper leaf on paper, 2021


This work replicates the intricate woodwork from the Aleppo Umayyad Mosque minbar. The minbar, a short flight of steps used as a platform for the imām to preach from, is an essential piece of practical furnishing for the mosque interior. The Aleppo wooden minbar was produced using a technique known as kündekâri: a complex woodworking style in which solid wooden pieces intersect without the use of nails or glue. This intricate depiction of the minbar decoration highlights the precision of Islamic craftsmanship.

I wish to thank artist and teacher Laurelie Rae ( for demonstrating this pattern at a workshop organized by Scripts n’ Scribes. Check out their website for more opportunities to learn about Islamic arts:

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